Alexander Gellner // Illustrator & Animation Artist
(2013) I am glad we can be honest about this
Short film
I have to confess. I like this film more with every year that passes.

Description / Catalogue Text

Father not really there, mother the guardian still, daughter with her secrets and son with the solution. In this erratic classically animated short film we meet a modern family that is divided and battling demons. Murder, Vengeance, Lust, Truth, Loyalty. And Dance. Oh sweet dance!

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funding by Channel 4

coproducer Harry Burnett Rae / Irresistible

Internation Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart 2014
Annecy + 2014
Fest Anca 2014 Slovakia
Ingoldstadt Kurzfilmfestival 2014
RadioEins Berliner Kurzfilmrolle 2014
FILMETS Badalona Film Festival 2014
New York Independent Animation Festival 2014
klik! Film Festival Amsterdam 2014
FILE ANIMA+ 2014’s edition Sao Paulo
Rabbit Fest Animation Festival 2014
Loopdeloop Untied Melborne
London International Animation Festival 2015
Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art 2015

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The Trickery

Sound Design
Erich Lesovsky

additional animation
Carolina Buzio
Christian Retzlaff
Mads Lundgard
Ulf Grenzer

Voices (spoiler free version)
Graham Ball
Oskar Ball
Easton West
Ina Tatarko
Rebekka Haug
Luis F. Masallera
Carolina Buzio
Daniela Gellner
Kerstin Eckart
Martina Hoffmann
Roland Brückner
Rebekka Haug

and a poster as a promo